Meet our team

Shape Shifters Creative (formerly VFX Fox) is an emerging Production Company, 3D Animation/VFX Studio and Rigging/Previs Service Provider for Games, Films and TV, based in Vancouver and Toronto. Powered by a cutting edge technical team and real-time workflows in Unreal Engine, and driven by the vision of our Creative Director, Han Yang, our team is uniquely equipped for the needs of a modern production. Whether its crafting our own stories and content, or helping our clients realize the fullest potential of theirs, we approach all of our work with the same focus, passion and flair for innovation.

Team Members

Han Yang
Creative Director
Tom Ceh
Founder and President
Nathan Jordan
Founder and Executive Producer
Junio Oliviera
Rigging Supervisor
David Jiang
Head of Rigging Dev
Matt Riche
Head of Production Technology
Daniel Piero Montemiglio
Rigging TD